Tip of the Month

Paste Binding - Post Press in the Bindery

Post Press Paste Binding of spines on 8 page and 12 page booklets creates the need to "Hold-Out" inks and coatings in the gutter. If this is not done properly, the glue will not have the opportunity to penetrate into the fibers of the paper, and can create scenarios where the internal pages might pull free from the spine of the booklet.


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Commercial Bookbinding Serving the MidwestCD/DVD pockets, table-tent POS materials

Wrap-Ups is conveniently located in St. Louis, Missouri and serves the entire midwest including Chicago, Indianapolis, Nashville, and other areas.Our central location in the United States keeps interstate shipping charges low.

Wrap-Ups has a wide variety of equipment which allows us to finish your job quickly, accurately, and at a lower cost than many of our competitors. Our complete line of equipment will help you offer your customer a variety of options, thus expanding your product offerings, market and sales!

Our latest edition, the is the only machine of it's kind lay flat binding, perfect binding, notch and mechanical bindingin America. It is a bi-dimensional folding and gluing machine for folders, CD/DVD pockets, table-tent POS materials, and much, much more! This unique machine has both hot-melt and cold gluing systems.

Wrap-Ups offers many which include lay flat binding, perfect binding, notch and mechanical binding. We also offer die-cutting, response mailers, and much more! We are one of the few commercial binders in the Midwest that offers the exclusive lay flat binding process.

Wrap-Ups dedication and commitment to excellence shows in everything we do. Your job always receives top priority with us, and we will work closely with you every step of the way to insure your project is completed on time, on budget, and that it exceeds every expectation you had of us.