My Mom and Dad, Freddy and Carl Niezing, started our Company as a small workshop in our basement in 1978. Many handwork jobs were completed those two years.

When 1980 rolled around, my parents mortgaged everything, rented some warehouse space and bought new machinery from Heidelberg for bindery finishing. They jumped in and risked everything they had to make Wrap-Ups a successful business, and a good place for people to work.

The people that worked with my Mom and Dad were completely dedicated to quality, on-time service, honesty, respect, and a strong work ethic. These personal values paralleled what my Mom and Dad brought to our customers on a daily basis.

These values are what has made Wrap-Ups a respected member of our industry. I can proudly say that these values are the cornerstone of our company.

Jonathan Niezing

Mr.& Mrs. Niezing