Wrap-Ups offers the most cost-effective methods for die cutting, scoring, embossing, and foil stamping.

Our 40″ Brausse die cutter is equipped for embossing and internal stripping. We also own a Kluge for short-run small format foil stamping and a zero make-ready hand-fed clamshell press for short-run work and board stock too thick for a cylinder press.

Equipment Capabilities

  • 1 40″ Brausse die cutter for embossing and stripping
  • 1 Heidelberg cylinder
  • 1 Kluge platen foil stamp / die cut
  • 1 Hand-fed clamshell press
  • 1 High die

Contact Us to speak to one of our experienced professionals about your layouts. We’re happy to assist you maximize your press sheet and reduce paper spoilage.

Die cutting

Elaborate Die Cut

Die cutting tabs

Die Cut Tabs

die cut pocket folder

Multiple Unique Die Cuts

Die Cut Pocket folder

Unique Die Cut Pockets