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Job Planning, from Finishing to Prepress

When an estimate becomes a job, it's time to start thinking about how the job is going to finish in the bindery. Planning your project from the tail end first can save many headaches. Many jobs are either reprinted, or [...]

Punching Patterns and Binding Techniques

Punching Patterns Different elements require different punch patterns, some requiring bigger punches than others, which consequently lead to larger margins for paper removal to be necessary. The shape and size of punch holes both factor into deciding the margins of a [...]

A New High-Speed Perfect Binder

The Kolbus Perfect Binder KM 610 offers a wide range of advantages for each and every customer, no matter the job. The Perfect Binder has a maximum speed of 8,000 books/hour. Traditional perfect binders with older technology take over [...]

Layout Tips For Perfect Bound Book Covers

Create A Bulking Dummy Creating a mock up in the prepress stage of a job is very beneficial to your project. Utilizing the actual paper stock of choice is the best insurance. You will not only get a more accurate [...]

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