The Kolbus Perfect Binder KM 610 offers a wide range of advantages for each and every customer, no matter the job.

The Perfect Binder has a maximum speed of 8,000 books/hour. Traditional perfect binders with older technology take over an hour to make-ready for a new job. The servo-driven computerized set-up features on this new perfect binder will allow us to complete make-readies in less than 15 minutes. This will enable us to cater to the short-run digital market in a very responsive manner.

Another key feature for the short-run market is the hand-feed station where we can hand-drop pre-collated, digitally printed text pages.

The collating side of the binder has 16 pockets equipped with cameras that completely eliminate the chance of duplicate pages in your books.

The Perfect Binder comes equipped with PUR, as well as the ability to conduct lay-flat binding.

Wrap-Ups, Inc. is dedicated to showing excellence in everything we do. We are committed to this industry and doing whatever it takes to ensure your job is completed on time and at the highest quality standards. This Kolbus Perfect Binder KM 610 will allow us to continue this.

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