Wrap-Ups, Inc. Kolbus Perfect BinderThe new Kolbus Perfect Binder installed four months ago here at Wrap-Ups, Inc. is performing flawlessly. The impressions I’ve witnessed – from employees to customers – have been wonderful to see. This equipment has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Some features really stand out to me. One is how quiet this machine is when binding at 8,000 books per hour. It truly is remarkable and makes a big difference for the crew. The second feature is how square and tight the spines appear, yet with an even greater flexibility and ease of turning the pages. This comes mainly from the spine preparation technology and a thinner film of glue we now run. Lastly, the page pull values we are seeing truly are remarkable.

Peace of mind. Knowing that every signature of every job gets scanned gives us a great deal of comfort, and it should for you, too.This machine has even caught press sheets that missed back-up, or sheets with a big area of scum from drips on press. Yes, the technology is truly exceptional!

There is no machine in the bindery that handles and consumes a greater monetary value of printing than a perfect binder. Think of the money invested when 8 full-color 16-pagers are getting bound, plus a full color cover. Do the math on that at 8,000 per hour, and then ask yourself where you’d like to have your next book bound.

Better yet, come in for a tour and see the Kolbus Perfect Binder in action.

Contact me at jcn@wrapups.com or 636-343-4010 to schedule a tour and see how this state-of-the-art equipment can perform on your next project!

Jonathan Niezing